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Additional Information

Helpful web sites for traveling to and from Kalofer include:

BGMaps.com (maps, travel routes and driving directions)

Sofia's Central Bus Station (for detailed bus schedules to and from Sofia)

BDZ (for details regarding train routes and schedules throughout Bulgaria)

Getting Here and Away

Accessing the National Park - There are two trail heads that access the Park. The first is located in Panitsite and the second is located next to the Eco-trail and "Byala Reka" or White River Recreational Area. The first is a little closer and a more pleasant walk along a scenic country road. Walking time is approximately 1 hour. The second is a little further but visitors can see the Men's Monastery, Eco-trail and White River Recreational Area along the way. Walking time is approximately 1 1/2 hours. Transport to both trail heads via a minibus can be arranged for a fee.

Car - There are two routes from Sofia to Kalofer. The first and more direct route goes along the southern side of the Stara Planina (Old Mountains) and is very scenic. This route is highly recommended, especially when the sun is shining bright. The second route goes along the main highway connecting Sofia and Plovdiv, then goes north from Plovdiv towards Karlovo. Travel time for both routes is 2 to 2 1/2 hours. See the Map of Central Bulgaria for details. Travel times to and from other major destinations are:

  • Plovdiv - 45 minutes
  • Veliko Turnovo - 2 hours
  • Burgas - 3 hours
  • Varna - 4 hours

For travel routes and driving directions to and from Kalofer and throughout Bulgaria visit www.bgmaps.com.

Bus - Kalofer can be conveniently reached by bus from Sofia, Plovdiv and other surrounding towns. Trip durations and prices are:

  • Sofia - 2 1/2 to 3 hours / 10-12 BGN
  • Plovdiv - 1 hour / 5 BGN
  • Karlovo - 30 minutes / 2 BGN
  • Kazanluk - 45 minutes / 4 BGN

There are several buses per day from Sofia to Kalofer. All buses travel to Kazanluk and stop in or outside of Kalofer along the way. Make sure to ask the driver to stop. If the bus stops outside of town, then it's a 10 minute scenic walk to the town center. Visit Sofia's Central Bus Station website for departure times.

There are three buses per day from Plovdiv to Kalofer (7:00, 13:30 and 16:00) and three per day from Kalofer to Plovdiv (7:50, 11:45 and 17:10). The buses from Plovdiv to Kalofer continue to Kazanluk. There are frequent daily buses to and from Karlovo. A schedule is posted in the town center.

Train - Kalofer is located along the Sofia - Burgas train line and can be conveniently reached by train from Sofia, Burgas, Kazanluk and many other locations throughout Bulgaria. For details regarding routes and times visit the BDZ website.

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