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Additional Information
Park Directorate
Tel.: 066/ 801 277
E-mail: office@centralbalkan.bg
Park Section - Kalofer
Tel.: 0889 862219
Email: pukalofer@abv.com
Stay Safe and Respect Nature

We wish you a safe and pleasant stay in the Central Balkan National Park. Rugged, difficult terrain and harsh atmospheric conditions characterize the Park. To prevent accidents or getting lost, visitors must observe the following safety rules:

  • Wildlife is entitled to inviolability. Keep it in its natural condition.
  • The information pamphlets, signs and the Park personnel are at your disposal and will help you understand the rules.
  • The Central Balkan National Park is home of many animals. Do not hunt or disturb them.
  • Do not cut down trees or break off branches.
  • Do not pick flowers, many are rare or endangered.
  • Clean up your own trash, do not leave behind anything that pollutes the environment.
  • The mountain is full of dangers. Keep to marked tourist trails and observe all safety rules.
  • Forest fruits and mushrooms can be gathered only at designated areas, in reasonable quantities, and without otherwise damaging the environment.
  • Camp and build fires at designated areas only.
  • Fishing is only allowed at designated and clearly marked areas.
  • Do not collect or gather fossils or rock formations.
  • When driving a motor vehicle, use only designated roads and parking lots.
  • Protect the Park from forest fires. Human error or negligence causes 90 percent of all fires.

In an emergency or crisis, or if you seek help or advice, call one of the following numbers:

  • Mountain Rescue Service, Kalofer: +359 3133 2565
  • Central Balkan National Park Directorate Office: +359 66 801277
  • EMERGENCY - 112
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