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General Travel Information

Weather Overview

Kalofer is located in central Bulgaria north of Plovdiv. Due to the town's mountain location, it's typically a few degrees cooler than the rest of central Bulgaria and Sofia throughout the year. Winter can be cold and snowy with temperatures hovering around freezing and summer is typically pleasant with plenty of sunshine and temperatures averaging in the 20s (70s - 80s Fahrenheit).

Money and Costs

The Bulgarian Lev (BGN) is used throughout the country. Visitors cannot exchange foreign currency or cash travelers checks in Kalofer. Karlovo, which is approximately 15 kilometers west of Kalofer, has several banks that provide these services. There is an ATM located in Kalofer's town center, which accepts all major bank cards.

Kalofer is less expensive than major Bulgarian cities, such as Varna or Sofia. Expect to pay 15-25 BGN (8-13 Euro) per person for a private room in a guesthouse and around 5 BGN (3 Euro) for dinner.

Visas Overview

Nationals of fellow EU countries and several other countries - including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada - are admitted without a visa for stays of less than 90 days. For details regarding visa requirements visit the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria, London website or contact your nearest Bulgarian embassy.


Kalofer's post office is open M-F from 8:00-16:00. Here visitors can purchase stamps, mail a postcard or small package, and call home. There is a public phone located near the ATM that requires a calling card, which can be difficult to find in Kalofer. There is an internet cafe located in the town center, which cost approximately 1 BGN per hour and is open 7 days per week from 13:00-22:00.

Food and Necessities

Kalofer has several small grocery stores, including two in the town center, that sell food and other necessities, including toiletries. There is an outdoor market every Thursday where locals buy fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes and other items. Operating hours vary but it's generally open from 8:00-12:00.


Kalofer is a great place to bring a cat or dog but visitors must check with their respective guesthouse to make sure that it’s acceptable.

Bike Riding

Using a bicycle to tour the town, go to Panitsite or visit the Byala Reka and eco-trail is a wonderful way to experience Kalofer. Mountain bikes are recommended as the roads to the Byala Reka and Panitsite are in poor condition. Visitors must bring their own bicycles as there are no places to rent them in or near Kalofer.

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