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Beautiful roses abound throughout the region during May and June offering the opportunity to go rose picking with locals, tour Karlovo's rose oil factory and learn how rose oil is made, and particpate in the country's largest rose festival in Kazanluk.  
Rich in History & Nature

The region surrounding Kalofer, known as the Rose Valley, is one of the most fascinating and well known regions in Bulgaria and the perfect place to experience authentic tourism. It's home of the Central Balkans, ancient Thracian archaeology, Bulgaria's revolutionary history, and healing mineral baths. Highlights of the region include:

  • Kazanluk the eastern gate to the Rose Valley, home of the largest rose festival in Bulgaria and surrounded by several Thracian archaeological sites
  • Shipka home of a beautiful, ornate Russian church and a revolutionary monument that marks the place of a decisive battle between the Russian-Bulgarian alliance and the Turks
  • Pavel Banya and the City of Banya where visitors can enjoy healing mineral baths
  • Karlovo the western gate to the Rose Valley and home to Bulgaria's most famous revolutionary hero Vasil Levski
  • Sopot home to Bulgaria's most renowned writer Ivan Vasov


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