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Central Balkan National Park

The Park is one of the most valuable and largest protected areas in Europe and was established for the conservation of the unique nature of the Central Stara Planina, or Old Mountains, as well as for the preservation of the Balkan's culture and customs. The Park comprises centuries-old beech forests, breathtaking waterfalls, deep canyons, vast meadows, imposing peaks and multiple nature reserves, including the Djendema described below. The Kalofer section of the park includes Peak Botev, the highest in the Stara Planina, as well as Raisko Praskalo, the highest waterfall in Bulgaria. The park is a national jewel located in the heart of Bulgaria and is a key aspect of Kalofer's sustainable tourism effort.

With over 670 kilometers of well-marked hiking trails, the Park offers excellent opportunities to experience wild nature. Those who follow its winding turns and steep paths can discover secret valleys, peacefully running rivers, and old forests while feeling the serenity and wisdom of untouched nature. Throughout the year, several mountain chalets are open to tourists who wish to sleep in the Park, including Hidja Rai near Kalofer. For more information visit the Park's website by clicking on the link to the left.

Djendema Nature Reserve

A large part of the Kalofer Park section makes up the territory of the Djendema Nature Reserve - one of the largest reserves in Bulgaria, declared in 1953. The Djendema Reserve is recognized as a biosphere reserve by the “Man and Biosphere” Program of the United Nations and is classified as Category I by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. With its area of 4220.2 hectares, it is the biggest of all nine reserves in the National Park.

One must stand on the edge of the reserve to truly understand why it is called “Djendema” - a Turkish word meaning “Hell.” The inaccessible rock cliffs boom with the sounds of echoing rivers and steep rock terraces are home to the brown bear, mountain wild goat, deer, wolf, wildcat, and many other mammals. Here, one can see the free flight of the rock eagle and hear the mysterious howls of the owl.

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