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Home of Hristo Botev - Renowned Revolutionary Hero and Poet
... The moon comes out and day grows dim, On heavan's vault the stars now throng, The forest rustles, quiet stirs the wind, The mountains sing an outlaw song!
Welcome to Kalofer, Bulgaria!

Kalofer is located in the heart of Bulgaria, nestled in the Central Balkan Mountains below Botev Peak, and serves as a gateway to the Central Balkan National Park. Its scenic location, rich past and proud people make it an ideal place to experience authentic traditions, learn about local history and take in beautiful nature. Here visitors have the opportunity to enjoy sustainable, small-scale tourism and get a taste of real Bulgaria. Whether you want to learn about local history and tour the home of the renowned revolutionary hero Hristo Botev or enjoy a hike along the beautiful ecotrail, your time in Kalofer will undoubtedly be a rewarding one.

We with the hospitable people of Kalofer welcome you and wish you a wonderful stay in our scenic mountain village.

Legend of Kalofer

The calls of Bulgarian history and culture echo through the hills of the Balkans, from the outlaw tales of old to the inspired poems of revolution. Legend tells of the founding of Kalofer during the Turkish occupation of Bulgaria in the middle of the sixteenth century. Hidden in the hills roamed a group of outlaws led by a man named Kalifer Voivoda. The bandits, who led opposition skirmishes against their Turkish occupiers, fought their occupiers so fiercely and efficiently that the Turkish proposed a deal - stop causing havoc and you will be awarded a village of your own. Voivoda took the offer and chose the large plot of land where Kalofer stands today. The legend tells of the bandits taking young, beautiful women from the town of Sopot and settling their town: Kalofer was born.

Throughout the next centuries, the town grew into a center of wealthy merchants and for this reason was referred to as “Golden Kalofer.” During this time, the town was home to well respected schools where important leaders of the Bulgarian Revolution, such as Karlovo native Vasil Levski as well as Kalofer's most famous son, poet and revolutionary hero Hristo Botev, were educated.

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